Coaching with Ken Warren

For over 30 years, Ken Warren has worked with leaders and team members, helping them to …

  • Improve team performance
  • Develop more positive working relationships
  • Respond well to challenging behaviour from colleagues and clients
  • Enhance their resilience and well-being at work

You will find Ken easy to speak with, very practical with his approach, and willing to structure the meetings around your needs and concerns.

Ken provides coaching by telephone, through Skype or, in person, at his Sunshine Coast office.

Coaching with Ken is $300 per hour-long session.

Everything you discuss with Ken is confidential. Though, with your consent, he can provide feedback to your workplace.

All work-related consultations with Ken are fully tax deductible.

If you would like to have a quick chat with Ken or arrange a time, he can be contacted on 0406 402 800

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