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Do you have a great team already, but are looking for ways to improve?

Or is your team dealing with significant challenges and you know that action is required?

Would you like to feel more confident and effective in leading your people well?

If so, you will love this best-practice program based on Ken Warren's 30 years leadership experience, as well as what the research says works.

Who is this training for?

Learn how to:

  1. Adjust your leadership style for the different personalities in your team.
  2. Help team members become happier and more engaged at work.
  3. Encourage more open, honest, and respectful communication at work.
  4. Deal well with common challenges that can arise in teams.
  5. Increase people's openness to feedback and engagement with change.
  6. Take the effectiveness of your team to a much higher level.
  7. Develop a clear understanding of the values and behaviours that all need to share.
  8. Build a team culture that is more open, supportive, and collaborative.

For further details open the link  or download a flyer

These workshop swill be taking place at Brisbane (25th August), Launceston (31st August), Melbourne (8th September) and Toowoomba (14th September).

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