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On-line Training Videos (each 60 minutes duration)

  1. What Great Leaders Do - available on-line and as a DVD
  2. Difficult Conversations Made Easy
  3. Difficult Conversators for Educators Made Easy
  4. Managing Poor Performance: Beyond the Conversations
  5. Problem Personalities at Work and What to Do With Them
  6. Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: Leading People Through Change (with Steve Francis)
  7. The Innovative Leader (with Tarran Deane)
  8. Leading with Trust (with Earle Taylor)
  9. The Essentials of Conflict Resolution
  10. Workplace Bullying: Prevention and Intervention
  11. Easy, No-Cost Morale-Boosters at Work
  12. Inspiring Positivity in Yourself and Others (with Clare Edwards)
  13. Enhance Your Resilience and Improve Your Well-being at Work
  14. Crazy Workloads But Not Enough Staff - available on-line and as a DVD
  15. Using Technology for Greater Freedom and Productivity at Work (with Gihan Pererra)
  16. Dealing with Challenging Customers from Other Cultures
  17. Working Well with Mandated and Unmotivated Clients
  18. Dealing with Upset, Angry and Demanding Customers
  19. Getting Your Customers To Love You (with Dr Jeff Kho)

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