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Build Even Stronger, More Positive and Effective Teams

The top 7 mistakes that managers make
Countering workplace gossip
Laughter at work
The importance of integrity
Building trust at work
Secrets to staying sane in high-stress workplaces
Are the incompetent too stupid to realise it
What science says about why relationships work
Building relationships with colleagues who work remotely
Letting go of hurts and grudges in colleagues
Challenge unhelpful thinking and perverse beliefs
Combating cliques at work
Eight keys to running effective meetings
Allow people to fail
Celebrate the wins at work
Mistake leaders make with workplace change
Sparking positivity at work
Why are relationships so important?
Leading by example
Too much red tape at work?
Managing staff who work remotely
Helping others to resolve conflict
Team members who are swimming the wrong way
Eight things great leaders do
How do you build (or rebuild) trust at work?
Why are great workplaces and high-performers always trying to improve?
Attracting and holding onto great staff
Giving engaging feedback
What road cyclist's teach us about teamwork
Where decision-making goes wrong
Speak up and sort it out
Getting the behaviour you want to see in teams
How do you have fun at work?
Who do you do your best work with?
Helpful thinking + action = better relationships
It's all about relationships
Re-engaging the disengaged team member
The key to great customer service
People management mistakes and how to avoid them
Happy staff = productive staff

Enhance Your Resilience and Well-being at Work

Helping people to embrace change
Give yourself down-time from your work
Being 'crazy-busy' at work
Addressing negativity at work
Biases that distort our perceptions
What makes you happy?
People who lack a capacity of change
Keys to working at your best
Embracing unwanted change
Find purpose in your life and work
What resilient teams do
Are you unhappy at work?
Being less affected by difficult people

Building on the strengths in your team
Building resiliency at work
Claim back your weekends
Dealing with the Power-hungry at Work
Enhance your resiliency at work
Getting out of work-mode
Learning life's lessons the hard way
Misery for dummies
Remaining positive in high-stress workplaces
Strong teams made easy
Thinking that keeps you in work-mode
Time for a change with your work?
Well-being at Work: Five Key Elements
Encouraging progress with workplace change
Putting change into action
Engaging people with change
Why people resist change

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Ken Warren BA, M Soc Sc, CSP is a Relationships Specialist who helps teams to perform at their very best.

Through his enjoyable and interactive training programs, Ken will help you to:

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Handle Difficult Conversations in a More Confident and Positive Way

Making a fresh start in difficult relationships
Difficult parents in schools
Why do some people respond poorly to feedback?
Why we tolerate awful behaviour at work
What workplace bullying is (and what it isn't)
Why are long-serving staff often labeled as difficult?
Clients who are verbally or physically aggressive
Managing upwards
What is your workplace culture like?
Countering negative stereotypes at work
'Difficult' colleagues from other cultures
Find a kinder way to view that problem person at work
People who are not open to feedback

Dealing with unexpected aggression
Dealing with someone who is defensive, blaming others?
Bad assumptions undermine relationships
Are you encouraging challenging responses?
Gain the right mindset for difficult conversations
Get your manager's support when dealing with a problem team member
Managing your critical, unsupportive manager
The joy of office politics
Dealing with people who are different to you
Dealing with the sensitive types
Difficult people explained
Mistakes people make in dealing with conflict
Staying calm when others are launching personal attacks
How do you handle conflict
Dealing with passive-aggressive colleagues
The worst personal flaw we can have
When your buttons are being pushed
Workplace bullying: Effective actions from employers
Workplace bullying: Recognising it when you see it
Workplace bullying: What individuals can do
What holds us together (and rips us apart)
What do you do with clients who don't improve
Difficult customers made easy
Five pitfalls to avoid when having a difficult conversation
Why are you avoiding tough conversations?
Bullying is not always as it first appears
Bullying in schools: What the research says
Cyber-bullying: What you can do
Dealing with aggressive clients - Part one
Dealing with aggressive clients - Part two
Engaging resistant clients
People who play the blame game
The antidote to bullying
What are your customers saying about you?

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