Do you find yourself feeling exhausted due to how hard you are working?

Is it hard to find time for yourself or your family?

Or do you simply want to build on the quality living you have?

If so, you will appreciate this positive program that will help you to find, and maintain, the balance you are wanting.

Who is this program for?

  • Individuals who have extraordinarily-high workloads
  • Those whose work is coming at a cost to their health, well-being or relationships
  • People who want to build on the work-life balance they have
  • Managers who want to better support team members in high-stress workplaces

Why is this training important?

People are working harder than ever than ever before. Yes, there are the very-high workloads, but there is also technology that infringes on our free time, and the bad habits of living that we fall into.

And while we can all live our lives out-of-balance for a period of time, eventually, doing so comes at a cost to our health, well-being and relationships, as well as our productivity at work. Some resort to out-of-character behaviour, such as binge-eating or drinking, to cope with the stress.

The good news is that as we find a better balance, we gain the energy to work well and the resilience to cope with the demands of our work. We also have happier relationships and get to enjoy our lives even more.

Learn how to:

About the presenter

Ken Warren - Positive People Solutions

Ken Warren BA, M Soc Sc, CSP is a Relationships Specialist who helps teams to perform at their very best.

Through his enjoyable, practical and interactive speaking programs, Ken has helped thousands around Australia to:

  1. Build even stronger, more positive and effective teams
  2. Handle difficult conversations in a more confident and positive way
  3. Enhance their resilience and well-being at work

Ken’s expertise comes from over 30 years experience …

  • Leading his own teams in the government, community and business sectors
  • Coaching leaders on how to bring out the best in their teams
  • Assisting workplaces dealing with major change, high workloads, and challenging clients
  • Mediating disputes between people caught in entrenched conflict at home or work
  • Writing for leadership journals, association newsletters, and newspapers around Australia

Ken is the Director of Positive People Solutions, a speaking business based on the Sunshine Coast.

He speaks at conferences and workplaces throughout Australia, particularly in the Education, Health and Community sectors.

Open this link to see Ken’s long list of happy clients and what they have to say about his programs.  

With Ken, you can be assured of enjoying a quality speaker. He is a past Qld State President of Professional Speakers Australia where he is accredited as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) - a recognition achieved by less than 7% of professional speakers.

You will enjoy his humour and stories, his interactive style, and find his ideas easy to put into practice.

What people are saying

"Ken's presentation certainly had a positive impact on our staff. One worker, who felt she wasn't coping, came to me to discuss the possibility of transferring to another program. After Ken's presentation, she came to me again and said that she now has a different outlook on things and felt much better able to continue."
Janna Purdy, Service Manager, Centacare Fraser Coast

“Everyone enjoyed Ken’s enthusiastic, positive approach in his presentation on Work-life Balance at our Combined Schools PD Day. One teacher has reported that he has starting walking daily as a result of thinking of the need to stay healthy. Another tells of feeling more relaxed when spending time with her young family, instead of feeling guilty for not making use of the time to catch up with class work.” Narelle Purkiss, Principal, Lilli Pilli Public School, Sydney

"Ken's webinar was one of the best I have attended. His slides were excellent. He obviously knew the topic. And he ran the best interactive webinar I have seen."
Karen McDonald, Founder, Cascade Consulting Services, Brisbane

Book Ken to speak at your workplace

Ken speaks to audiences, large and small, throughout Australia, running customised training programs that address the needs of your people.

You are welcome to have a no-obligation chat with Ken about him speaking at your next conference or in-house training day.

He can be contacted by calling 0406 402 800 or emailing

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