Most people don’t like conflict. They would prefer to avoid it wherever possible. 
But the longer a conflict continues, the worse it tends to become. So, the sooner you can take helpful actions, the better.
Whether you help others to sort out difficulties or are in the middle of a conflict yourself, this program is all about actions you can take to move through this process much more easily. 

Who is this workshop for?

  • Managers, team leaders, and supervisors
  • Human resource professionals and others in coaching roles
  • Health, youth and community workers
  • School leadership teams and administrative staff
  • Psychologists, mediators, counsellors and others in dispute resolution
  • People who wish to better deal with conflict at home or work

Learn how to:

  1. Build trust and goodwill when there has been a difficult history
  2. Stay calm when others are upset or launching personal attacks
  3. Quickly defuse the frustration or anger of others
  4. Identify and address the key factors contributing to a conflict
  5. Communicate in more confident and positive ways
  6. Respond well to escalated behaviour when it occurs
  7. Take helpful steps, even with individuals who lack a capacity for change
  8. Resolve conflict more easily and achieve much better outcomes

About the presenter

Ken Warren BA, M Soc ScCSP is a Relationships Specialist who helps teams to perform at their very best.

Through his enjoyable, practical and interactive speaking programs, Ken has helped thousands around Australia to:

  1. Build even stronger, more positive and effective teams
  2. Handle difficult conversations in a more confident and positive way
  3. Enhance their resilience and well-being at work

Ken’s expertise comes from over 30 years experience …

  • Managing mediation and relationship counselling programs
  • Coaching team members and couples caught in entrenched conflict
  • Mediating disputes between couples before the Family Court
  • Training professionals to work more effectively with challenging clients
  • Writing for leadership journals, association newsletters, and newspapers around Australia

Ken is the Director of Positive People Solutions, a speaking business based on the Sunshine Coast.

He speaks at conferences and workplaces throughout Australia, particularly in the Education, Health and Community sectors.

Open this link to see Ken’s long list of happy clients and what they have to say about his programs.  

With Ken, you can be assured of enjoying a quality speaker. He is a past Qld State President of Professional Speakers Australia where he is accredited as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) - a recognition achieved by less than 7% of professional speakers.

You will enjoy his stories, his interactive style, and find his ideas easy to put into practice.

What people are saying

"I would like to thank you for the best workshop I have been to in 20 years of being employed with government. The information you covered was wide ranging and of interest to all. You also conveyed the information in a very attention-grabbing way. Even after lunch, when everyone is usually ‘off the boil’, you had everyone’s attention in the room."
Pat Harwood, Community Corrections, Dept of Justice, Tasmania

"People are complex creatures, so working out what works best for them is never an easy task. Ken's program gave crucial tools that can be utilised both with parties to complaints as well as internal staff and colleague interactions. I particularly enjoyed the strategies Ken generated about communicating concerns in face-saving ways, being receptive to feedback, and moving away from labelling to working together to find solutions."
Nabilla Abdulla, Principal Conciliator, Anti-Discrimination Commission of Queensland, Brisbane

"Ken was recommended to me as a dynamic, knowledgeable and passionate speaker for a conference I was organising. I was not disappointed. Ken was informative and engaging. He interspersed his presentation with personal anecdotes and real-life examples. Participants took away from Ken's workshop arrange of strategies, useful skills and ideas to apply to their work with colleagues and their school communities. I have no hesitation in recommending Ken for your next conference or workshop."
Ross Jones, Assistant Director: Schools, Catholic Education Office, Rockhampton

Have Ken run customised training for your workplace

Ken speaks with audiences, large and small, throughout Australia.

If you would like to have a chat with Ken about him running a customised program for your workplace, he would be delighted to speak with you.

Ken can be contacted through 0406 402 800 or

For details on his full range of programs, open this link.

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